Friday, March 25, 2011

S.B. 1070 losing popularity...with Swedes.

I had the opportunity this week to speak before the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce about the state of the Arizona economy and what’s happening in policymaking circles.

Later in my presentation I touched on immigration.  To get a sense of how much the attendees knew about the issue, I asked how many of the people there had heard of S.B. 1070. Over 50 percent of the attendees raised their hands and the rest let out an audible groan.

I’ll freely admit that I did not anticipate the firestorm of controversy that sparked after the passage of S.B. 1070 last year. But a room full of Swedes knowing about our state’s immigration issues was a stunner.

The immigration bills the state Senate just rejected helped our state avoid a public relations black eye. Let’s continue to concentrate on passing legislation that highlights the good things about Arizona and helps grow our economy.


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  2. Glenn, I can understand your position wanting to play it safe in the face of Arizona businesses; but to be honest I'd much rather support the state legislators that support and act on the will of the people of this great state - not Sweden. Sweden doesn't have to worry about the constant drain on their economy, healthcare system, justice system, school system, etc., due to illegal immigrates coming rom Mexico.

  3. Thank you Glenn and the Arizona Chamber for sticking up for business in our state. We seem to momentarily have turned a corner toward pragmatism that hopefully with our collective vigilance will continue. We definitely need less controversial issues that inflame emotion rather than ignite business growth. To more jobs! Thank you, again.