Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome back, Matt

In the late 90s I had the privilege of serving as Rep. Matt Salmon’s legislative director and chief of staff. Later, when Sen. Jon Kyl sought re-election in 2006, I was the executive director of the state GOP, which Matt chaired. To say that he has played a huge role in my professional life would be an understatement.

When Matt first went to Congress, he was part of the class of 1994. He was also one of the few that stuck to his pledge only to serve three terms.

Today, he’ll be re-elected to the U.S. House once again, 14 years after his last election. The Matt Salmon that will return to Washington in January will bring an insight into the energy sector that few of his colleagues possess. He will certainly be the House’s most pro-solar Republican, an advocate in an area where Arizona is already one of the nation’s leaders.

He’ll also be called upon, I am sure, to tap his knowledge of China and his Mandarin language skills to help negotiate what will be the most important bilateral relationship of the next decade and beyond.

And Matt will be a reliable pro-jobs vote in Congress. He knows that higher taxes and more regulations aren’t ingredients in a growing economy.

We are very fortunate to once again call Matt Salmon our congressman. Welcome back to the House, Matt.

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