Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chamber expresses broad support for more rigorous ed standards

The Arizona Chamber sent the following letter to state senators today indicating the broad support across the state for more rigorous education standards and an improved assessment.

Dear Members of the Arizona State Senate:

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry applauds you for your recent passage of legislation that will retire the AIMS exam in favor of a new assessment that will align with new, more rigorous education standards.

As Governor Brewer said when she signed HB 2425 into law, “The era of low expectations and minimum-competency is over. If we insist upon high academic goals and standards, I know our children will rise to these expectations.”

Arizona voters stand with you and Gov. Brewer. In a recent poll commissioned by the Arizona Business Coalition from Public Opinion Strategies, survey respondents heard the following description of the Common Core standards:

Arizona joined with 46 other states in developing and adopting new standards in reading, writing and math for grades K through 12. These standards will ensure Arizona students have the academic knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college, a career, and in life. The standards will focus more on teaching critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication skills.

Fully 83 percent of survey respondents agree with the standards’ implementation in Arizona after hearing the description, including 52 percent who agree strongly.

Thank you again for working to bring world class education to Arizona.

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