Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gov. Brewer and Chamber kick off Arizona Manufacturers Month in Flagstaff #MFGAZ

Gov. Brewer yesterday declared October Arizona Manufacturers Month in Arizona at the Governor’s Economic Development Conference in Flagstaff co-hosted by the Arizona Commerce Authority and the Arizona Association of Economic Development Conference. On the national side, the National Association of Manufacturers heralds Oct. 4 as National Manufacturing Day. We are proud to be NAM’s state affiliate through our Arizona Manufacturers Council. Steve Macias, the president of Pivot Manufacturing and also a board member of the Arizona Commerce Authority, chairs the AMC and does an outstanding job.

Flagstaff was a great place to kick off Manufacturing Month. We had the opportunity tour the WL Gore facility there that manufacturers medical technology that has saved and improved he lives of tens of thousands of people all across the world.

Gov. Brewer declares October Arizona Manufacturers Month
The governor's speech yesterday pointed out why our state is now the right place to manufacture. Since she has taken office, through her leadership we have passed legislation to:

·         Shift to a 100 percent sales factor, which creates a more competitive tax environment for our export-oriented businesses.
·         Reduce our corporate income tax.
·         Reduce business personal and real taxes.
·         Restore job training funds.
·         Accelerate depreciation on business machinery and equipment
·         Implement an aggressive capital gains tax reduction
·         Establish a quality new job tax credit
·         Create the ACA, with tools such as a deal-closing fund and a great leader in Sandra Watson.
·         Position local communities to engage in infrastructure development.
·         Enhance the competitiveness of aerospace and defense manufacturers selling to foreign customers.
·         Streamline our overly complicated sales tax system.

Gov. Brewer checks out the latest technology at WL Gore's facility in Flagstaff

The work never ends. Government and the business community going forward will give focus to an improved education system to ensure we’re growing the pipeline for tomorrow’s economy, including fostering an improved and more robust career and technical education (CTE) system, as well working to improve our infrastructure, such as through the development of Interstate 11 between Phoenix and Las Vegas, which will enhance our ability to grow our global logistics offerings and boost our profile on the international stage.

Manufacturing is a major component of Arizona’s economic success.  Manufactured products dominate our exports. Over 80 percent of Arizona's $18.4 billion in exports for 2012 were manufactured goods. The average wages for a manufacturing position in 2012 was $68,964, more than 50 percent higher than the average wage for all positions in Arizona.

The governor and Legislature deserve applause for putting the pieces in place to help Arizona grow these highly desirable manufacturing jobs. We look forward to spreading the good news about Arizona manufacturing throughout October, and through the work of the AMC throughout the entire year.

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